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Hearing Aids Galway

Hearing Aid Rehabilitation Journey

Your journey towards better hearing takes place over four stages (see below). I will consider your unique individual needs and requirements and provide you with the best solution to optimise your hearing potential. As a highly experienced audiologist based in Galway, for the last 15 years, I will provide expert guidance in choosing the most suitable digital technology hearing aid solution for you. I also provide ongoing support for your continued peace of mind.


Stage 1: Hearing Assessment and Initial Consultation, includes the following.

  • Full audiometric hearing evaluation using the latest diagnostic equipment
  • Examination of the ear and auditory canal Otoscopy
  • Photographs of the patient’s ear canal and ear drum
  • Wax removal, first, if a blockage is detected
  • Calibrated audiometric hearing evaluation
  • Speech discrimination and QuickSin (an audiologic test that measures an individual’s ability to hear in noise)
  • Lifestyle assessment (where necessary)
  • Comprehensive explanation of the audiometric test results
  • Specialist advise on the best hearing aid technology to suit your hearing needs
  • A copy of your hearing test result for your perusal with GP  specialist ENT referral correspondence (where indicated)

      Stage 2: Hearing Aid Fitting and Instrument Explanation.

      • Initial fitting and programming of your hearing aids
      • Explanation detailing how to properly insert and remove the hearing aids
      • Management of hearing devices, e.g., cleaning, changing filters and domes.
      • Explain Bluetooth phone streaming where required
      • Explain hearing aid App functionality and control via your smart phone technology (volume control and adjustments in real time).
      • Full instruction of how to adjust the volume of your hearing aids
      • Programme additions hearing programmes where necessary
      • Programme additional background noise options on your hearing aids so you can manually adjust to tricky environments where necessary

         Stage 3: Follow Up

        • A follow up appointment is booked for 2 weeks after initially fitting your hearing aids
        • Full assessment of how you are hearing with your aids
        • Check for any potentially troublesome issues, e.g., inserting the hearing aids, incorrect amplification level requiring fine tuning, further explanation on management of App, cleaning, and maintenance
        • Adjust the settings and fine tune the hearing aids to suit your individual needs
        • A further follow appointment 3-4 weeks later to make sure you are confident with your hearing aids and satisfied with the improvement in overall hearing

        Stage 4: Aftercare

        I recommend a 6-month appointment going forward to check for wax build up and make fine tuning adjustments where necessary. All hearing aids are covered by the manufacturers four-year warranty, so you avail of free servicing for the duration of your warranty If your hearing aids need to be repaired, I will programme demonstration loaner hearing aids for you to use in the meantime. I recommend a fresh hearing test every year.  Programming of the hearing instruments, where necessary, is free of charge.

        A Selection Of Hearing Aids To Suit All Needs & Requirements

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